Meet the Ramblers

The Berkshire Ramblers

The Berkshire Ramblers are a group of unlikely individuals who love and play folk songs of the “old style.” The founding Ramblers are Joe Browdy and Alan Chartock, and the group has been playing together, in one form or another, for well over forty years. Consistent Ramblers are Joe Browdy (lead vocals, guitar), Alan Chartock, (banjo, guitar, vocals), and Roselle Chartock, (vocals, guitar, and tiny percussion). Other Ramblers include vocalists and instrumentalists Alice Oldfather, Don McGrory, Dwight O’Neil, Dona Frank-Federico, Selma Kaplan, Michael Eck, and Chartock siblings, Sarah and Jonas Chartock. The Ramblers are a fluid group, and enjoy working with other musicians when the occasion calls for it. The group lives by the Weavers old credo that rehearsals occur on stage while playing a gig. Still active, The Ramblers play when they have the spirit or fortitude to do so, which is primarily at events for not for profit institutions.